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Happy Monday!

October 29, 2007 0 comments

Happy Monday, friends! Well, I met my deadline for the 10 articles over the weekend and sent my invoice… hip, hip hooray! Now… well… it looks as if I'm back to the drawing board again. I'm still responding to writing jobs and crossing my fingers for another client, because as we all know, Christmas is right around the corner.

Since I've met my deadline and hopefully pleased a new client, I'm also back to working on Discover Southern Illinois. I pretty much have everything on the blog the way I want it for now, all except for the links within my blog entries. I seem to be stuck on this one, and I spent my entire Sunday afternoon playing with the CSS code in Wordpress to get it the way I wanted. However, because I don't know much about CSS or Wordpress, I can't quite figure this one out. Therefore, if you understand the CSS in Wordpress, please help (I'm on my knees begging). Here's what I've been trying to do: presently, the links in my blog entries are set for a dark gray color and they're not underlined. I want to change the font color to something different and would like a line under the links as well. Now, I know how to change a font color, and I know that the "text decoration" in the CSS should read "underline" instead of "none," but I don't know what part of the CSS to change. I've changed some, but that didn't work out and I had to change those back. Apparently, they weren't the link colors for my blog entries. If you can tell me what part of the CSS to change, I sure would appreciate it; just leave me a comment. The theme I'm using is Redie-30.

Once I get the above figured out, I plan to officially launch my blog by distributing a press release, which I hope to write within the next day or two. After that, I will be adding the information about my first writing workshop to my website, distributing a press release about it, promoting it, and then I'll open up registrations. I'm really excited about the writing workshop! I love teaching other writers about writing and sharing my knowledge, so these workshops will be right up my alley, and they'll allow me to get to know other writers on a more personal level.

That will do it for this wonderful Monday. I hope y'all have a great week!

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