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Blog Review: Wahm Café

October 30, 2007 0 comments

As a writer I enjoy writing (of course), and I love visiting other writers' blogs as well as blogs on other topics. Therefore, I've decided that from time-to-time I would like to write blog reviews here so that I can share some of those helpful blogs with y'all. With that said, my first review will be about a blog I discovered early this morning -- the Wahm Café blog.

Dianne, a wife and mother of two kids, runs Wahm Café. Through her blog, she offers her readers a glimpse into her life as a work-at-home mom and entrepreneur. She presents resources and tips on her blog, and she invites her readers to contact her so she can share her knowledge about growing a home-based business.

Aside from the blog taking a little longer to load than I'm use to (I connect with DSL), I enjoyed reading some of Dianne's blog posts. One post I particularly enjoyed was My Favorite Wordpress Plugins. Since I just started using Wordpress to create Discover Southern Illinois, this post lead me to a couple free Wordpress plugins that I'll definitely add to Discover Southern Illinois.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog review, and if Wahm Café sounds like a blog you might enjoy, then I invite you to check it out.

On a final note, if you have a blog you'd like me to check out, comment and let me know about it. The blogs I enjoy are writing-related blogs, blogs by other writers, blogs that give SEO tips, blogs about using Wordpress, blogs about blogging and blogs that offer marketing advice. What I won't review -- nor will I visit -- are blogs containing nudity or pornography. I am a Christian woman and I do not enjoy those. I will also not approve your comment if it has a link such as this in it, because my children read my blog and I try to keep my blog's content suitable for children and teens as well.

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