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Are Your Blog Posts Being Read?

February 25, 2008 1 comments

I finally decided to subscribe to the RSS for all my favorite blogs instead of bookmarking them, and my favorite RSS feed reader thus far is Google Reader. This has made blog reading adventures much easier, but after adding all of them to Google Reader, I discovered a problem with some of my favorite blogs: their RSS feed isn't set to "full feed." The main reason I chose to read my favorite blogs through an RSS feed reader was so I could read the entire post without having to visit each blog's URL. Unfortunately, I've now skipped many posts because they don't offer their posts as a "full feed," and that means I have to click on links entitled "read more" or something similar. Once I do that, I'm sent to their website to read their entire post. I don't usually click on that link because it defeats the whole purpose of me choosing to read my favorite blogs with a feed reader.

In the beginning I clicked on the links to read the entire posts from my favorite bloggers that didn't offer a "full feed," but this soon ceased. Now, I will only click the link to read the entire post if the blogger does an excellent job of attracting my attention within the first paragraph of his or her blog post, and not too many bloggers have done that.

Now for some friendly advice to my fellow bloggers: Do you fear your readers may not be reading your entire blog posts in their feed readers? If so, take a few minutes to set your RSS feeds to "full feed," please, for all of us feed readers who subscribe to your blog for a quick and easy read.

Do you use a feed reader to read your favorite blogs? If so, please help me by voting in my poll below to let me know if you feel the same as I do. I say help because I'm currently working on an article and the results of the following poll will be a part of that article. All I ask is you answer the one question, I'm not asking for your name or any other personal information, just your honest opinion.

Please Vote

Do you click to read the entire post in your favorite RSS reader?

Only if they grab my attention within the first paragraph or two.

If I discover they don't offer a full feed, I unsubscribe.

I never click to read the entire post.

Yes, but I prefer a full RSS.

Never, I prefer the full RSS.

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1 comments: to “ Are Your Blog Posts Being Read? so far...

  • Elizabeth 3:21 AM CST

    It's so nice to hear somebody else say what I've been thinking! I even wrote a similar post about this a while back, and you'll probably appreciate the discussion that happened there.

    I'll never understand why bloggers choose to do this. Today I added a really, really popular blog to my reader, only to remove it again because they were only providing a summary in their RSS feed.

    I guess when you're that popular you can do what you like, but I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I was to do the same!