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Complete Writing Projects You've Put on the Back Burner

February 29, 2008 3 comments

Currently I have placed four writing projects on the back burner to put my paying clients first. Well, the other day I told myself I need to discover a way I can get back to work on those writing projects while still putting my paying clients first, and after a night of stewing about it, I found a solution… hooray!

Are you in the same boat as I? Do you have writing projects you've put on the back burner that you'd like to reheat? The solution is actually pretty simple. Would you like to know? Of course you would, and here it is: Treat those writing projects as you do your projects for paying clients by working them into your schedule. Yes, your paying clients are a priority because they pay, but stop and think about that for a minute. "Why?" you ask. Because if you take the time to stop and think about it, all those writing projects you've put on the back burner also have potential to bring you more income, but they can't bring you any extra income if they're still on the back burner, now can they? Of course not, so pull up that writing schedule and make time for the writing projects you have on the back burner. For example, if you blog for a client three days a week, then you pen that client into your writing schedule for three days out of the week. Do the same for the writing projects that have gone cold waiting on the back burner. Commit to a certain quota each week for a few of the writing projects and pen them into your schedule as well. Even if it's only for one day a week, you'll see progress and it won't be long until you'll have the project completed.

For those of you (like me) who learn easier through examples, you'll find a sample writing schedule below. You can create your schedule based on your current client list as well as writing projects you have on the back burner. In the following sample, paying clients are referred to as "paying client" and for the projects you have on the back burner, they're referred to as "writing project." Finally, if you have a blog of your own you post to, it's referred to as "my blog." You can replace "paying client" with the name of your client or the company name, and "writing project" can be replaced with that project (i.e. freelance writing e-book, send query letter, book, etc.).

If you have too many writing projects on the back burner, work a few into your writing schedule at a time. Then once you complete those projects, remove them from the back burner and reheat some more until all of your writing projects are gone.

By following my solution to add writing projects you've put on the back burner to your current writing schedule, you'll put on some added weight, but in the end you'll lose a lot and feel much better about yourself and the goals you've accomplished.

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3 comments: to “ Complete Writing Projects You've Put on the Back Burner so far...

  • Debra 11:45 AM CST

    This is great advice. I, too, tend to start projects and then put them off when paying business comes my way.

    A couple of days ago, I dragged out a partial manuscript for a novel. I'm going to make finishing it every bit as much a priority as writing for my clients.


  • Julia 1:37 PM CST

    Good post Misti! It's always a tough thing to get back to writing when life gets in the way.

    I've actually put my writing on hold on purpose, as I wanted my novel to 'marinate' for a few months before picking it back up again. But now my goal is to finish it off by Labour Day. :-)

  • Catherine 9:26 AM CST

    This is really good advice! My paid writing is normal working hours though, unfortunately, so it means scheduling some of my leisure hours for my own projects... but why not? They're dear to me, so why shouldn't I be able to give them time? (Especially now my work deadline has just passed so I can get back to normal 8 hr days with weekends off instead of 10 hrs+.)

    Julia's is a good point too, about wanting to let things 'marinate'. I think my stuff's been on the back burner long enough though!