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Birthday Party Fun

October 8, 2007 2 comments

Happy Columbus Day! As you know from a previous post, the weekend before last was my daughter's first homecoming. Well, this weekend we celebrated my oldest son's 13th birthday. Yes, that's right, my oldest boy became a teenager Saturday, and the weekend before last (also on a Saturday) my 14-year-old daughter attended her first homecoming dance. Boy, I really feel old now…LOL…

Aside from my growing youngins, the past few weekends were really fun and enjoyable. This weekend the family gathered at my house, and we all enjoyed the annual October wiener roast. Since JB (my oldest son) and Cyndie's (my daughter) birthday occurs during the cooler seasons, we make the wiener roasts an annual event. Of course, the kids enjoy it, so that's all that really matters, right? For my youngest son, Joe, his birthday's in March. Therefore, since March is a warmer season -- too warm for a wiener roast-- we usually visit Pounds Hollow. There we grill burgers, hot dogs and enjoy a day of swimming.

Next time you find yourself looking for a birthday party idea, consider a day of swimming if your child's birthday takes place on a warm month, and if your child's birthday falls on a cooler month, then have a wiener roast instead. It's fun for everyone and affordable as well. Since I'm giving out birthday party suggestions, I might as well take this time to invite you to read one of my articles, which relates to the subject. Go ahead and check out Planning a Fall Birthday Party for Your Child -- Sure to Be a Success, and then leave me your comments.

I suppose I'd better get back to my writing life now that the fun has ended… as least for another month anyway.

Next time I blog, I plan to reveal some news for all you writers out there, so stay tuned or subscribe to be notified as soon as the post is live.

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2 comments: to “ Birthday Party Fun so far...

  • Yvonne Perry 9:16 AM CDT

    this brings back memories! My daughter has an August birthday. My mom had a backyard in-ground pool then. Guess where most of her birthday parties were? At the pool.

    Kids grow up so fast. Just wait until you have grandkids!

    Thanks for the great blog and for participating in our blog chain this week.

    Yvonne Perry

  • Misti Sandefur, Novelist/Freelance Writer 11:59 PM CDT

    Yvonne, Thanks for stopping by, and I invite you to come back any time!

    We've talked about getting a pool, but that will be later down the road -- much later. However, if we ever make that investment, it will be much easier to carry stuff outside rather than packing it in the van, heading for Pounds Hollow, and then carrying everything down two sets of steps. ;)

    Oh my, I don't even want to think about grandchildren yet...LOL... But I do bet they'll be just as much of a blessing.

    I enjoyed the blog chain and am looking forward to more in the future. I was even able to bookmark a few more blogs to visit. Ha! Like I need more blogs to keep me from doing my work, but I'll visit them anyway.