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Eight Random Facts About Me

October 4, 2007 8 comments

Both Michele and Kathy Kehrli tagged me for the Random 8 Meme. First, I must post the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Now, here are eight facts that you may or may not know about me:

1. I despise driving, and thanks to Michele, I now know I'm not the only one out there who prefers to ride. ;)
2. I have a terrible fear of spiders. Eeek! I shiver just mentioning it.
3. My favorite food is Mexican. Yum!
4. Unlike most women, I don't like shopping, and I have always hated grocery stores.
5. I've been writing every since I was eight, and I wrote my first short story using only a pencil and paper when I was 10. The main character in that story was a boy I had a crush on in school…LOL… My writing has improved a lot since then, but it's always fun to dig out the stories I wrote back then.
6. I owned my own wholesale business, which I ran for six years.
7. I use to teach Sunday school; I love teaching children about God.
8. In person, I'm shy until I get to know you better.

According to the rules, I'm supposed to tag eight others for this meme. With that said, I tag April Aragam, Jenna Glatzer, Lillie Ammann, Lonnie Cruse, Chris Bibey, Michael Kwan, Writer Mama and Jenny Rough.

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8 comments: to “ Eight Random Facts About Me so far...

  • Lillie Ammann 1:27 AM CDT

    Thanks for the tag, Misti. I'll get to this in a few days.

  • Michele L. Tune 12:40 PM CDT

    Wow, for the most part, I think your 8 things could be mine!

    I don't like driving.
    I don't like spiders.
    I LOVE Mexican food!
    I dread shopping.
    I've been writing since I could read and write.
    I've never owned a wholesale business, though.
    I've never taught Sunday School, either, but I am sorta more on the shy side until I get to know someone!

    Ha! How funny is that?

    Anyways, I enjoyed your post ;-)


  • Lillie Ammann 5:18 AM CDT

    My post is up - I combined it with another tag on eight things about my writing and me.

  • Mark David Gerson 9:51 AM CDT

    Wow! We couldn't be more different!!

    - I love driving
    - I'm okay with (most) spiders
    - I may live in New Mexico, but Mexican is among my least favorite foods!
    - Shopping? Depends on the circumstances. I hate shopping for clothes, but I'm cool with most other shopping including groceries
    - I came late to writing, but have caught up real fast. I have one book already out (The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy), a second in the wings (The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write) and a MoonQuest sequel demanding to be finished.
    - As a self-publisher, I guess I own my own wholesale biz right now!
    - I've never taught Sunday school, but I have taught writing for many years, including in churches -- most notably Unity Church of Maui, where I taught regularly for a couple of years and earned this testimonial from the minister: "Mark David is a of the great teachers." I'm very proud of that one!

  • sydney molare 9:15 PM CDT

    good tidbits about you...

  • Barbara 9:30 PM CDT

    Okay here goes,

    (1)I must say I love driving
    (2)The only good spider is a dead spider!
    (3)I love anything spicy
    (4)I used to love shopping until I gained thirty pounds! But, I don't mind shopping for jewelry!
    (5)I've been writing since I can remember. I first started a journal as a young child. Everytime I had a nightmare I'd write it down, and little did I know that journal would come in handy years later when I began to write my first supernatural thriller.
    (6)I was a book keeper for a medical facility.
    (7)I'm Vice President of a writer's group and I often try to write articles of encouragement to new writer's.
    (8)I used to be quite shy but my writing has helped pull me from my shell.

  • Jenny 2:56 PM CDT

    Thanks for stopping by Roughly Speaking. Fun to see you're a writer too. I'll have to think about the 8 random things...I did this meme a few months ago. It's a fun one.

  • Misti Sandefur, Novelist/Freelance Writer 3:53 PM CDT

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and for those of you who participated in the meme.

    Jenny, you're most welcome! Your blog is in my bookmarks among the many others that I have, and I visit Roughly Speaking -- as I do the others I have bookmarked -- on a nightly basis. I enjoy reading your blog, and I thank you for stopping by to read mine. I hope you visit again soon.

    Best wishes and may God bless you and yours!