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Break With a Good Book...

January 31, 2007 2 comments

Last weekend I found myself with a small case of writer's block. Yeap, there's that dreaded virus all writers try to avoid, but I couldn't avoid it, nor could I seem to shake it. It all started when I sat down at my computer to write, but low and behold I was gazing at a blinking cursor instead of words on the screen. Problem was I couldn't find the words to put there - my mind went totally blank! I couldn't believe it! I had managed to avoid this nasty virus for a year, and it decided to hit me after all that time. So, since I couldn't write, I surfed the Web a while, then decided since it was the weekend I would just take a break. In the past, breaks seemed to work for me, but other than a break, reading a good book by my favorite author also helped.

The very next afternoon (Saturday) I made a trip to the store and bought a book by my favorite author: Danielle Steel. Her writing inspires me, and her books keep me turning the pages. I have read so many of her books that I couldn't remember which ones I hadn't read... hmm... I wonder if there's a name for that one. Maybe reader's block? (LOL). Anyway, I chose "Toxic Bachelors." However, I hate to say it, because I've always enjoyed Ms. Steel's books, but I was rather disappointed with this one. Usually when I read one of her books I lose track of time because I can't put it down, but this time I stopped on the third page. It didn't grab my attention like her other books had. I will try to continue reading it with the hopes that it will get better, but I'm not sure if I can. Maybe she too had a case of writer's block when she wrote this one, and instead of taking a break she tried to write through it. If it gets better, though, I will let you know how it turns out.

Despite not being able to continue reading Ms. Steel's book, which usually helps my case of writer's block, by Monday things were getting better for me, and my brain was starting to work again. Little by little I'm getting it back, and I hope the dreaded writer's block stays away for good this time. :)

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2 comments: to “ Break With a Good Book... so far...

  • Anonymous 5:00 AM CST

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  • alicia 11:32 AM CST

    "Readers block." Haha, I like that.