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House Hunting

August 29, 2006 0 comments

Just in case your wondering, other than working my hubby and I have been house hunting. We've decided to get a double wide instead of remodel. After pricing the materials to remodel the prices run about the same, and since the remodeling process would take a long time we've decided to go with a double wide instead.

Currently we live in a half underground basement home, and after over three years of living here we've had numorous problems -- flooding, leaky roof, etc. Not to mention the dampness, mildew and etc. from living in a basement (all this stuff is not good on my asthma either). So, based on the cost of materials to remodel, the problems a basement encounters, and the stuff that's not good on my asthma, we've decided to turn our basement into a garage, and it will also serve as a safe place to go in case of a bad storm.

In the past two months we have seen over a dozen double wides, and believe it or not I still like the second one we looked at. I now take the floor plan of the home I like with me to each lot, and once there I show the plan to the sales person and ask him if they have anything similar. If they do, my next step is to mention the price of the current plan and try to get him to beat it. I figure if they want to make a sale bad enough they'll bargain. I'm learning a lot by shopping, and I'll be sure to keep you informed. As a matter of fact, I'll pass along home shopping tips as we continue on with our shopping adventure.

Right now we're putting things on hold until fall, because during the summer months these homes are so dang hot inside from being shut-up that I feel sick after we've finished. During the fall and winter we've decided it won't be so hot inside the homes, and we'll continue our shopping then.

Never give up on your dreams -- work toward them!

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