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Get Paid to Write in Your Blog

August 30, 2006 1 comments

Thanks to another blogger I just found out about Blogsvertise. Blogsvertise pays bloggers to write about Web sites in their blogs. When writing about these Web sites you can visit them and write a review or anything you like. The other requirement is you have to place at least three links to the Web site on your blog.

I've applied and hopefully will be approved. I figure since I love to blog anyway why not get paid for it -- I could use the extra money. Besides, I'm always up for visiting Web sites -- you never know, I just may find something I could use.

Other than getting paid to link to Web sites in your blog, Blogsvertise also allows you to buy advertising. Getting several blogs to link to your Web site could work out to your advantage, and best of all, you don't pay for blogs that don't link to you.

To find out more about getting paid to write in your blog, and also about a wonderful way to draw traffic to your Web site, visit Blogsvertise today!

Now that I've shared an opportunity with you I'm going to get back to my writing life. I'll blog again soon!

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Misti Sandefur, freelancer/editor

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