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Accessories for my new Home

September 5, 2006 0 comments

It looks like the weather has cooled off now and the hottest part of the year is gone (August). Because the weather is cooler, I'm excited again about shopping for my new home. Other than shopping for my new home, I've also thought about the new things I can add once we decide on a home and get it set up. One of the things I know I'll add is blinds. I love the look of blinds, plus they have other benefits too: in the summer, closed blinds can help keep your home cool from the summer heat, blinds add privacy so peeping toms can't see in, and there's no need for curtains unless you want to add to the look more. Living in a basement home made it difficult to put up blinds, and since I won't have brick walls this time I will be able to add blinds. So, not only am I house shopping, but I'm also shopping on the Internet for accessories for my new home.

While on the Internet, I discovered Guaranteed Blinds. Guaranteed Blinds offers a variety of blinds with many different shades. What I liked best about Guaranteed Blinds was, from their homepage, you can choose the type of blinds you're looking for and then enter the size of blinds you're looking for, hit "get quote" and there you have it... a free quote! I love knowing about how much I'll be spending so I can write it in the budget I have for my new home's accessories.

Another thing I liked about Guarantee Blinds is the fact that the blinds I looked at have a lifetime warranty! In addition, Guarantee Blinds "guarantees" satisfaction. These two things put Guarantee Blinds at the top of my list for places to re-visit once I'm ready to purchase blinds for my new home.

Whether you're shopping for your new home, or just shopping to upgrade your current home, make Guarantee Blinds your next stop!

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Misti Sandefur, freelance writer/editor

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