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AW Monday Meme -- What Did You Do?

June 6, 2006 0 comments

Okay, I've been reading about the Meme thing going on at AW (Absolute Write) for a while now, and I believe I understand things enough now to participate. Besides, it will be fun, and who know what you'll learn about me. I think this meme is suppose to be done on Monday, but technically, since I work all night, and since I've not been to bed yet, it's still Monday to me. Anyway, here it goes...

Your Meme assignment is:

1. What did you miss most about AW--JUST ONE THING (yes, I'm evil)? Having a place to go and learn about my craft when I had extra time on my hands, or should I just say when I felt froggy. Why when I felt froggy? Well, because there are many times when I hop over to AW and I have work to do, and then after I get there I have to pull myself away so I can get my work done. I guess you can say I'm addicted to AW. Although, I'm pretty certain if you've never visited the forum, and you decide to hop over, you too will become addicted.

2. What did you do when you were missing your AW fix? I got some work done, and I even sent out my first issue of my new e-zine, Coffee Break for Writers.

3. What new blogs or sites did you discover as a result of the shutdown? I didn't discover any new blogs, but I did discover a new site--Momme TV--a great place for moms.

3a. Did you add a new blog to your blogroll or site to your bookmarks? (share if you'd like to) To be honest, no, I didn't add any new blogs to my blogroll, nor did I add any new sites to my bookmarks. I discovered the new site above, but it was an easy enough URL to remember that I didn't add it to my favorites.

4. Where did you comment that you'd never commented before? Can't say that I done this one either. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I got some writing done, and I worked on getting the first issue of Coffee Break for Writers done so I could send it out on time. Between my writing and e-zine, I really didn't have a lot of time to surf the web, but I did miss AW.

5. What was your first post here when you made it back? I replied to a post in the paying markets forum that welcomed everyone back.

6. Didja miss the Meme? This is actually my first time doing the Meme, but I do plan to keep doing them. So far, it's really fun!

Shucks! it's over already, just when I was really starting to have fun! Oh well, I'll check for the next Meme next Monday, unless I get tagged before then to post on something else.

Until next time, never give up on your dreams--work toward them!

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