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Long Time No Blog, But I'm Back Now

August 8, 2006 1 comments

Well, it's been two months since I've posted in my blog, and I must be honest... I have been very, very, very busy. Not only have I been trying to get some writing done, but I've been busy with kids too. I tell ya, I'll be so glad when school starts back up. I love my kids to death, but in order to get more done I need a little break and school solves that problem. I usually write and night when everyone is sleeping, but with school out two of my kids have decided to set up with Mom, and not only do they set up but they're loud too. When they are quite I spend my time trying to get some writing done. Oh well, kids will be kids. Besides, it's not all them either, I do give up some stuff during the summer to take them fishing, shopping, camping and etc. After all, my kids come first.

Since school will be starting again in a week I will get back to blogging and writing more. If you've been missing me then keep checking back, because I promise I will blog again.

I've got to go do some more writing now. I've also been stuck watching Big Brother's live feeds, and now that I've pulled myself away I need to get some work done. Yeap, BB's live feeds is another downfall to my getting behind ;) If you watch BB's live feeds -- or have ever watched -- then you know exactly what I'm talking about. They say before you click to watch that it is addictive, and boy are they ever right! Warning to all: If you want to get anything done don't subscribe to BB's live feeds :)

Until next time friends -- and it won't be so long this time -- take care and visit again soon!

Never give up on your dreams -- work toward them,
Misti Sandefur

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