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Changing With the Season

November 6, 2008 5 comments

I just love the way the leaves change into beautiful colors with this new season, don't you? The colors leave me with a happy feeling, and the smell of winter in the air calms me. It's all just so warm and inviting. Does it have the same effect on you? Better yet, how do you feel when you look around at the changes with the new season?

Speaking of changes, I've made quite a few changes to the second edition of Help From Above. If you've not read the current edition of Help From Above then you won't notice the changes, but if you have read it and decide to invest in a copy of the second edition once it's released, then you'll notice the changes. For one, I decided to change the location from Rockford, Illinois to a town that I know a lot more about. Because I grew up not too far from Harrisburg, Illinois, I chose to use it for the location in my Christian novel. Yes, I know the novel is fiction but I like to keep things as real as possible. However, some of the businesses and the church will be fictional, but most of the settings will actually exist.

In addition to a new location, I've also taken the liberty of adding more text and changing things up a bit. I can't really say much more than that without giving everything away, and I certainly don't want to do that, so you'll just have to keep watching my blog for news about the completion and release date on the second edition. Then, once the second edition has been released, you can follow me on my planned blog tour, as well as read about my new out-of-the-box book marketing ideas that I'll be implementing. Just subscribe to my RSS feed or via e-mail for all the updates.

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5 comments: to “ Changing With the Season so far...

  • Karen 10:30 PM CST

    I enjoy all the seasons! They are different in their own way and are so beautiful and amazing!

  • Michelle Kafka 2:14 PM CST

    I love the changing colours of Autumn.


    You have just been awarded the "Butterfly Award"

    Drop by my site to claim your award.

    Save the award and post to your blog.

    Take Care.

  • Misti Sandefur, Christian author/freelance writer 2:51 PM CST

    Karen, yes, each season is different in its own way. My two favorite seasons are spring and fall. I love the beauty of all the flowers in the springtime, and I enjoy the sweet smell of honeysuckles. And, of course, I already stated in this post why I love fall. :)


    Thank you for the beautiful "Butterfly Award!" I have some housework to catch up on today, but as soon as I finish my household tasks, I'll be back on to work. Once I return to the computer later tonight, I will drop by your site again to claim the award and pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers.

    Thanks again, Michelle!

  • Nacie 4:38 PM CST

    That picture of the foliage you have on this post is absolutely gorgeous. This time of year, for me at least, is def a time for internal change and reflection as well. Lovely post, lovely blog. Keep writing!

  • Misti Sandefur, Christian author/freelance writer 5:52 PM CST


    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, please come back any time.

    The picture was taken at Rim Rock a couple years back. It was the beginning of the fall season when hubby, the kids and I visited the area. I took the picture with my cell phone and thought it would be great for this post. Glad you liked it. And if you're ever in Southern Illinois during the fall season, you should visit Rim Rock. The beauty there is even better than the picture.