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Interviewed by Philip Davis

March 30, 2008 1 comments

Here while back I mentioned that Philip Davis had scheduled a Podcast interview with me and I promised to share the link to that interview with y'all, once it was available. In the interview, I read a passage from Help From Above, shared some of my marketing techniques, discussed both my books and talked a bit about print on demand publishing. When you have the time to spare, I invite you to listen to the interview, and I hope that the information I shared on marketing and print on demand will help you with your publishing adventures.

You will get to hear my voice for the first time, so allow me to explain, please. It seems I inherited a gene from my Dad's side of the family. People say that my dad, uncles and I talk through our nose. Of all the things to inherit, this one was that I wished would have skipped a generation, but it didn't. Growing up I would tell people, "That's how God made me," so I've learned to live with it. I'm telling you because I've avoided phone and face-to-face interviews for many years for this reason, but I finally gave in and wanted to let you know what to expect. Let's just say I write better than I talk.

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