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What Happened to My House!

February 7, 2008 1 comments

It was only two days ago when I had a clean kitchen; the dishes were done and put away and the laundry was folded. Today…. well… it's a different story. Now I have a hamper full of laundry to fold again (at least I managed to wash the clothes), a sink full of dishes to put in the dishwasher and the ferrets would probably like a clean home, too.

This my friends is what happens when writing takes over. I've been blessed with some new clients, and because I do everything in my power to please my clients, I've been so busy writing and meeting those deadlines that I've completely abandoned my housework. Hmm… maybe I need to re-read and apply my own advice: Multi-Tasking Wife, Mother and Writer. Honestly, though, I do follow my own advice and multi-task. This week, however, the creative juices were really flowing well, and as most of you writers know, you just can't stop when that happens.

I could have asked my stepson to load the dishwasher for me and fold the clothes in the hamper, but I just feel guilty when I do that. I don't want to appear to him as an evil stepmother, so I'd rather just do it myself when I find the time. If I do ask him to do something, I say please and thank you, but lately, I think I've made him mad by asking him to help me. Therefore, I chose to let it go. Oh well, that's my life as a writer and mother… or in this case, a stepmother.

Since I've met my deadlines and my to-do list is shorter now, I believe tomorrow will be my official cleaning day. I don't let my house get too bad because I can't stand it, so I just added "clean house" to tomorrow's to-do list. Wish me luck, or better yet, send me the magical powers to clean it in a jiffy…LOL…

Has your housework been neglected this week due to your writing schedule? If so, please share so that I'll know I'm not alone.

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1 comments: to “ What Happened to My House! so far...

  • Anonymous 11:25 PM CST

    It's just completely annoying when I clean the kitchen and it looks so good and less than 24 hours later it's back to it's original state. There are only 2 of here. And only me most of the day. It's like you have to keep cleaning it every hour for it to stay clean.
    I like to clean, but I can't always be at it. The kitchen is the worst. I will usually give it one huge scrub down once a week. The rest of the time, I do what I can.
    If only I managed my time better lol. Next week I shall try again. ;)