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In Search of Paying Markets - Includes Tips for Writers

August 26, 2007 0 comments

It's 3:36am (CST) here and I'm getting ready to hit the sack. However, before I cuddle up next to hubby, I wanted to post a short blog. I wanted to do this so I could include a couple tips for writers. Tonight, as I was searching through Google for some paying markets for an article that I plan to pitch, I came up with an easier way to search for the paying markets, and I wanted to share these tips for writers with all my fellow writers.

You see I'm working on an article for people with disabilities, so I wanted to target paying markets that will accept these type articles. In the past, I have searched for "writers guidelines," "paying markets" and etc., but tonight, in an effort to narrow my results down, I entered this: disabilities intext:"writers guidelines." In deed it did narrow my results down, and returned quite a few paying markets geared toward people with disabilities. So, for my first tip for writers: try entering the above text into the search field the next time you're searching Google for a paying market. Just replace the word "disabilities" with the type of market you're seeking. For example, say you have a parenting article in mind: enter parenting intext:"writers guidelines." Go ahead and try it, you may be amazed at what you'll find. :)

Now, for the second tip for writers that I promised. Since you may also be searching for paying markets only, the results will possibly return some non-paying markets. Therefore, before you start reading through the entire guidelines and then find out they're a non-paying market, hit Ctrl and F on your keyboard, then enter the word pay, and finally, click "find next." This should take you directly to the payment information (if there is any). Once there, you can then decide if the pay is enough to go back to the beginning and read the market's complete guidelines. Happy hunting and goodluck! It's off to bed for me. ;)

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