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For Fans of Eileen Fulton (Lisa)

November 1, 2006 0 comments

Within the next couple days, I will be doing an interview with Eileen Fulton (Lisa). Eileen Fulton plays Lisa on CBS's "As the World Turns." But wait, I have some good news for you regarding this interview... I would like to give all her fans a chance to participate. If you have a burning question you'd like to ask Ms. Fulton, just comment and include your question in your comment, or send it to me at services @ mistisandefur . com (remove spaces). You can even ask Ms. Fulton a question about the latest charity auction she just done on Ebay if you'd like.

I can't guarantee that all of your questions will be in the interview, but I will do my very best to include the great questions. To get your question in before the interview, you must post the question in your comment or e-mail it to me before Monday, November 6, 2006.

Keep watching my blog for a link to the interview once it's complete!

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