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About Misti Sandefur

September 16, 2005 0 comments

I guess you could say I was born to write, because it has been a passion of mine since I was 8 years of age. As a Christian, I feel God has blessed me with the talent to write, so in order to show my appreciation to him, I use my writing and (when I'm financially able) the income from my God-given talent to help others. I write short stories, personal essays, articles and books with the intention that through words, I'll help, inspire and entertain many. When readers and fans send me feedback letting me know I've helped them in some way, I smile knowing that everything I did — and the time I spent doing it — was worth it. I especially enjoy helping aspiring and fellow writers learn more about the freelance writing business. Each day that I sit down to write, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and blessings with others.

As a dedicated writer, I compose articles, short stories, eBooks, print books, personal essays, Web copy, SEO content and blog posts for regional and national publications, publishers, book producers, businesses, nonprofit organizations, individuals and fellow writers who have too much on their plates and need assistance. Furthermore, I am publisher and editor of the Coffee Break for Writers e-zine.

I reside inside a small community located in Southern Illinois. My husband and I share our country home with my 20-year-old stepson, 15-year-old daughter, 13-year-old son, 12-year-old son, two ferrets, two pomeranians and a blue heeler -- all family, including our beloved pets. I also have an 18-year-old stepdaughter, but she's currently residing on a military base with her fellow Navy friends.

When I have time to spare, I enjoy playing board games with my family, church and anything to do with the great outdoors.

Through this blog you'll read more about my writing adventures and my family. In addition, I'll also share writing advice that I've learned over the years. Yep, you'll learn from my experience and mistakes. To receive updates so you don't miss a thing, subscribe to my RSS feed or via e-mail.

What readers have said about my writing:

"Entertaining... I always loved that program, but you put it so well! Good writing!" ~ Diane Cross

"I just wanted to write you and say how much I have enjoyed reading several of your articles. Thank you for the great content. Keep the great articles coming, I always look forward to reading more of your work." ~ Jeff Bauer

"Your professionalism in all your online work is impressive. I'm looking forward to updates through your fan club!" ~ Lynn Pritchett

... And what clients have said about my work:

"My partner and I hired Misti to write content on our blog, Ten Ways to Fail, to help us build keyword content and get some momentum going for our book promotion. Misti told us up front when she could start, how much it would cost and then she invoiced us each week after we approved her posts. Her articles were well written and on the money for what we needed her to do and her prices were fantastic. I’d recommend Misti to anyone needing some freelance writing on their blog or other material." ~ Phil Davis

"Misti, I've been very pleased with your writing so far, especially the amount of effort you've put into securing interviews. I think it's this kind of service which creates a very strong business. I would go so far as to say you've exceeded my expectations." ~ Chris Garrett, Teevieo

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