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Help From Above: Free Sample Reading

September 15, 2005 1 comments

I hope you enjoy this free sample reading of my Christian fiction novel, which is published under Misti Jackson...

Chapter 1

It was a warm Spring day in Rockford, Illinois, and the life of one man by the name of George Billington was about to change.

George didn't want to admit that he had a problem. Ronald was George's first and hardest step to make. God had warned Ronald that George was a stubborn man, and that Ronald's mission would be difficult. He also told Ronald that in order to get into heaven and earn his wings he must complete this mission that God had assigned.

As Ronald was walking down the sidewalk he noticed a man with short, black, greasy hair sitting on a bench near the One Stop Shop Liquor Store.

"Maybe that's my assignment," Ronald said to himself as strolled toward the man on the bench and took a seat next to him.

"Are you George Billington?" Ronald asked.
"Yes sir I am, why are you asking?"
"Because you're my assignment, in other words I've been sent to help you."
"Are you crazy or something?" He got up and began walking into the liquor store.

Ronald then grabbed George by the arm.

"I'm not crazy, and you getting ready to walk into that liquor store is the reason I was sent here to help you. So please, let us sit down and talk."
"I'll sit down and talk with you, but you will tell me who sent you to me, and why. I live my own life as I live it, and I don't need anyone butting in!"
"I understand that, George, and I'll explain. God sent me; I'm an angel, and in order to make it into heaven and earn my wings I must help you."
"If that's true what did you do wrong. Why can't you get into heaven right away?"
"In order to make a long story short, I will just say that I was once like you."
"Listen here, I don't need your help or God's. I am just fine, and I only do this stuff occasionally. Besides that, I do not even believe that you are an angel sent from God. There's no such thing as angels."
"Well, let me say this. You can believe the way you'd like, but I am an angel, God does care for you, and yes, you may not want to believe it, but you do have a serious problem," Ronald said to him with concern.

George turned away shaking his head. He was convulsed with laughter.

As he began to walk back into the liquor store, again Ronald blocked his way.

"Now how did you get in front of me without my noticing you?"
"I told you I'm an angel. I can do that sorda stuff. And another thing, you don't need to go in there you're already plastered enough."
"Listen here, Mr. Angel, you're not my boss, and you're definitely not going to run my life, so move out of my way!" George said.
"I won't do it. You have had too much already. So get in the car and I'll drive you home so that you can sleep this off."

George, turning around hesitantly and staggering to the car, got in. He sat there and stared out the window until they arrived at his house. By this time, George was not feeling well.

"What's the matter George?"
"I'm not sure. I think I just need a little rest."
"I believe you need more then a little. Let me help you in," Ronald offered.
"No thanks. You go on to wherever, and I'll be fine," George said pushing Ronald away.
As he started to go in he stumbled over his own feet and fell to the ground. Ronald went ahead and helped him in even though George kept refusing his help.

Soon he got George into bed, and God then called Ronald.

"You're doing good, my son. Keep up the good work and don't give up," God said.
"I'll try my best, but I'm about to give up."
"How come?"
"Because he's a very stubborn man, and he refuses to believe I'm an angel sent by you."
"I sent you on this assignment to help George. He is your job; take his stubborn streak away. Go make him into a kind man. I know it's going to be hard, but you can't give up."
"I'll do my best Father, and while I'm on earth I'll pray for your guidance."
"I'll guide you well my son, and don't forget what these addictions did to you. You sure don't want George to end up in the same situation."
"No I don't, so I'll go on Father, and I'll do your work with care."

His face took on a glow as he went back down to continue his mission for God.

Chapter 2

As Ronald was sitting outside of George's house waiting for him to get out of bed, he thought about how this new day was going to be with George. He was startled by the slam of the front door.

"Well here you are sitting on my front step. Don't you ever leave?"
"Yea, I'll go away as soon as my mission with you is complete," Ronald's voice was gentle.
"I'm really going to get tired of telling you that I don't need or want your help. Now go away!"
"I must stay here until my job is completed, and if you would cooperate with me it would be much easier for you and I both."
"Fine then come with me to the liquor store."
"No, I won't, because that is what you don't need. So let us just sit down and talk."
"Talk about what? I have nothing to talk about."
"Your family and friends, or yourself." There was silence for about a minute. Ronald then realized he said the wrong thing, and looked up toward heaven and began to pray.
"I'm sorry, George, did I say something wrong? Do you not have family or friends?"
"In a way I do and in another I don't. Friends, no, I stay to myself, and mind my own business. I have only a sister. I haven't seen her in two years, and frankly I don't worry about it."
"Maybe you ought to look her up if she's all you have left. She may be able to help you. There should be a special bond between a brother and a sister."
"You can try if you want, but I don't think she cares for me. I abandoned her when I got into drugs and alcohol. I suppose Kara still lives around here somewhere."
"I'll get started on that right now, and I'm proud of you for wanting me to try and look her up, this is a start to recovery George."
"Yeah, whatever, good luck with the search, I will wait here but I doubt you find her, and if you do I bet she won't come anyway."

With that information, Ronald began to search the streets of Rockford for Kara. He asked around to see if anyone knew her, but was not having the best of luck. It was not a very large town. Someone in it had to know her.

After an hour of searching, Ronald came upon a priest. He figured maybe this was a sign from God, and he walked up to the man and asked him if he knew Kara.

"Excuse me sir, my name is Ronald, and I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for a woman by the name of Kara Billington, you by any chance wouldn't happen to know of her would you?"
"Why yes I do. She attends my church. It may not be any of my business, but may I ask what you want with this young lady?"
"Well I'm trying to help her brother out. He is looking for her. He says it has been about two years since he last saw her."
"Oh yes, she doesn't talk about him too much. It seems to upset her. He has a drug and alcohol addiction, and got to the point that the only person he cared about was himself."
"If you take me to her to help me reunite them, I'll explain my story on the way."
"Sure come with me. She's at the church."

On their way to the church, Ronald explained to the priest how and why he was trying to help George. He even told about his being an angel. The priest believed him, and offered his help as well. Ronald accepted his offer. What better man to help than a man who preaches God's word. He was willing to take all the help for George he could get.

"Well, here's the church. Kara should be in here, let's go see if she is," he said, looking the angel over, as if he were trying to be sure of his qualifications.

"Hi there Kara, I have someone with me who would like to speak with you."
"May I ask you, father, who it is?"
"I'll let him tell you himself, but he is a very special man of God. Come on in here Ronald!" Father Gill yelled.

Ronald introduced himself to Kara, and told her why he was there, and who he was. Kara was surprised and shocked. Surprised to see an angel, and shocked to find out that her brother wanted to see her again. She was not quite sure whether she really wanted to face George after he had totally abandoned her.

Ronald sat down and talked with Kara for about an hour. He convinced her to go with him to see George. He also thought that maybe she could help too. So they hopped into Father Gill's car and went on their way. Father Gill went along too, and offered his help and moral support for Kara in case she broke down into tears.

Chapter 3

Kara was nervous. She had become much more nervous as they walked up to the door. When they walked in, George was not anywhere to be found.

"Where did he go? I left him right here," Ronald cried out in fear.
"Let's not get upset, Ronald. He's not far, I'm sure," Father Gill said.
"You're right, but I must find him before he does something wrong to make my mission even more difficult."
They all got back into the car and drove around looking for George. The first place Ronald suggested looking was down at the liquor store where he usually went. Never-the-less, they had no luck. Father Gill drove down a dark alley beside the liquor store, and there lay George on the ground beside the wall.

"Please, God, no. I've come to help my brother once again, please don't let me be too late," Kara cried.
"Now, Kara, don't blame God. Maybe he is still alive. Let's go see first before we get all hysterical," Father Gill said.

Ronald walked over toward George and shook him, but got no response. He checked to see if George had a pulse while Father Gill and Kara waited in fear for an answer from him.

"Thank God above we do have a pulse, but it's faint. We need to quickly get him to a hospital."
"OK Ronald, let's go," Father Gill replied.
"Wait one minute. I would like to say a prayer for my brother before we go."
"All right, sounds like a good idea to me. You go ahead Kara," Father Gill agreed.
As they bowed their heads Kara began, "Our Father which art in Heaven -- please watch over our brother, and help him to be well enough so that we may help him once he recovers. Amen."

Soon after Kara ended the prayer they all loaded George into the car, and drove him to Rockford Memorial Hospital for observation.


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