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My First Book Trailer

July 31, 2007 3 comments

I finally created my very first video! This video is the book trailer for "Help From Above," and it can be found on YouTube. However, to save you from having to search for it, I've also included it below. So, I sure would appreciate it if you'd view the trailer, rate it and then leave me your comments. Remember, it's my very first video. ;)
It took me all night to do this thing. I edited several times before I was happy … and still, after all that editing, I'm still not 100% satisfied but I was tired. Besides, I can also go back and edit more later, eh.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the trailer, and if you believe this book would interest you, then, please support me by investing in your copy of "Help From Above" today.

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3 comments: to “ My First Book Trailer so far...

  • alicia 1:58 PM CDT

    Awe, good for you Misti! You did a great job on your first video - I have no idea how to make those things, haha.

    Now, is this your first book? I'm not sure I've read anything in your blog about it - of course, I could have easily missed it as I get behind sometimes. Email me at alicia AT writingspark DOT com and let me know since I can't subscribe to blogspot comments.

  • alicia 6:14 AM CDT

    Thanks for the email Misti! I read the posts (and commented on one, but I'm sure you'll see it).

    I was wondering, have you tried talking to whomever it is that chooses reading material for high schools? I know most teachers choose their own books for students to read (well, those in my area do), but maybe there's a way you can get Help From Above into high school libraries, etc.

    Just a thought!

  • Misti Sandefur, Novelist/Freelance Writer 1:41 PM CDT


    When "Help From Above" was first released, I did contact libraries, and my local library called me to find out how they could get a copy. I still market the book and have plans to promote it to some of the libraries in the schools. I've even thought of getting a hold of the English teachers to propose having my book assigned as a book to read and give a report on. I also plan to tell them I'd be willing to come into the classrooms and discuss the book with their students.

    Yep, I discovered your other comment too; thanks! :)