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Telecommute Freelance Writing Jobs

August 28, 2008 0 comments

In case you're wondering, I'm still alive and kicking. The Lord has blessed me so much this summer that I've been busy keeping those clients happy, and in the process, I've been unable to update this blog the last week or so. After all, we have to keep the clients happy, right?

Since this post is supposed to be a listing of the latest telecommute freelance writing jobs, I won't go into details about my many blessings. Don't worry, though, I plan to share them with you in an upcoming post entitled Summer Blessings, so keep watching Life of a Writer for that post, or subscribe to my RSS feed or via e-mail for immediate notification.

Enjoy the following list of telecommute freelance writing jobs, and may the Lord bless you as well!

Capitalist Banter needs a business/tech satire writer. If you're great at making up fake news, then you just may be the right candidate for this writing job. (Payment starts at $15 per article, with a $100 traffic bonus for the most popular article each month.)

Devlounge needs someone who can write PHP tutorials, tips and tricks on a weekly basis ($10 per post).

Editor needed for safety booklets ($50 per project).

Experienced writers are needed to blog about fashion and luxuary ($5 to $15 per article).

Flockey needs writers capable of writing quality tutorials about design, i.e. - Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator related ($20 for 500 or more words).

Funny, celebrity-obsessed blogger wanted (pay starts at $500 per month).

Media Maxwell Blog Network is looking for writers to blog about green living, social media, social responsibility, nonprofit charities, health, education and fitness ($20 to $100 per post).

Stock market/trade articles writer wanted (pays between $50 to $200 per article).

Quality Stocks needs a writer who has experience with financial markets to write articles on stocks ($8 per article).

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Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that any of the telecommute freelance writing jobs listed above will still be available when you apply for them. Furthermore, I'm not responsible for the credibility of the freelance writing jobs. Before committing to any writing gig, get the details and promised payment in writing. If you can't get it in writing, at least save all e-mail communications between you and the company or individual you will be writing for.

If you're scammed or have been scammed by any of the companies or individuals from one of the telecommute freelance writing jobs above, please warn your fellow writers by sharing your experience in the comments area, which can be done anonymously.

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