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Brainstorming and Research

August 3, 2007 5 comments

What does brainstorming and research equal for you? For me it equals a combination of things: more busy nights, a night of tossing and turning until you get back up (like tonight), more writing just for you and moola. Let's begin with the brainstorming shall we. As most of you know by now, I'm one of those "night owl" writers. Yep, I write up until the wee hours of the morning -- usually until four or five in the morning. Well, tonight I began working, but my eyelids kept closing. So, I told myself, "That's it. You're going to bed, woman. You're tired and need a good night's rest." I did just that. Well, until my head hit the pillow! For some odd reason, when my head hit that pillow, the ideas started roaming through my head, and all of a sudden I was wide awake! "Shoot, will I remember all this in the morning?" I asked myself, then rolled over, adjusted my pillow and tried to put my ideas to rest, too. Ha! You see how that went. Here I am up and fully awake, and just a few minutes prior I could hardly hold my eyes open. And that my friends is truly the life of a writer. When those ideas begin to form, you can't sleep a wink. Within moments, you're up, firing up the computer again, opening Word and recording those ideas on paper. Hopefully, after you've jotted down the ideas that were keeping you awake, you'll be able to put your computer back to sleep and hope the next time you lay your head on the pillow you'll visit dreamland. I guess we'll soon see if I can master that and get the rest I need, eh.

What started the brainstorming? Well, before I attempted to visit dreamland, I applied for another writing job. This writing job is one I'm crossing my fingers and my toes for. The writing job I applied for would require me to write about freelance writing. Yep, something I know well. Anyway, upon applying for this job, I already had a long list of writing-related topics stored in my brain to write about. Then once I hit the sack, my brain started working 100 miles an hour with more topics to write about, and I even thought of some topics to pitch about Adsense, as well as another idea that I believe would fit well in general consumer magazines. No matter how much effort I put into trying to go to sleep, I just couldn't. Therefore, I rose from my bed to get those ideas typed into Word.

Ah, yes, I can't forget the research. Once those ideas formed, I started thinking about ways I could improve the traffic to my Web site and blogs. I know writing keyword-rich content is the way, and that's when I realized I was going to spend one night or two researching to learn more about finding the right keywords for my Web site and blog. Then, I'll research a better way to sprinkle those keywords throughout my content to gain a better PR. I also need to learn this so I can increase my Adsense earnings. Once I've absorbed all of this information, I told myself I would help y'all by posting some of what I've learned here on my blog. With that said, keep watching my blog for the information or you can subscribe to be notified immediately.

OK, wish me luck as I attempt to visit dreamland again. I'm hoping all of this will allow me to rest my head on my pillow, close my eyes and there I'll be ... in dreamland.

Until next time, friends ... rest well and may all your dreams come true!

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5 comments: to “ Brainstorming and Research so far...

  • alicia 2:00 PM CDT

    Haha, keep a pen and pad by your bed ;)

    Here's wishing you luck on getting the job!

  • Misti Sandefur, Novelist/Freelance Writer 2:37 AM CDT


    Thanks for the best wishes on the job! As for the pen and pad, I do have both on my bedside table. However, the problem is with hubby... he doesn't like for me to turn on the light while he's sleeping. I know the feeling and have a small lamp beside the bed, but he says it still bugs him. I'm going to have to get me a new bulb for my flashlight so I can go back to using it, but until I invest in that new bulb I'll just have to fire-up the computer and enter my ideas there. :)

  • alicia 6:15 AM CDT

    In any event, your method works much better than mine.

    When I wake up (or can't fall asleep) because of writing ideas bouncing around in my head, I assure myself I'll still remember them in the morning.

    Riiiiiight.... LOL!

  • Michele L. Tune 10:00 PM CDT

    Great post, Misti, hope you got that bulb!!

    Keep writing,even if it is with one eye open ;-)

    "Writing the Cyber Highway"

  • Misti Sandefur, Novelist/Freelance Writer 3:24 AM CDT


    To be honest, nope, I haven't bought the bulb yet. Seems I can't find one, but I know someone has to sell them. It's for a Maglite. ;) Until I find it, I'll just fire-up the laptop instead. Besides, my typing is a lot better (and quicker) than my handwriting. At least I can read what I type...LOL...