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General Chit Chat

December 17, 2006 1 comments

Boy, how time flys! Christmas is almost here! It seems like we just celebrated Thankgiving, and now Christmas is fast approaching. I remember when I was younger, it seemed like it took forever for Christmas to arrive, and now that I'm older and much wiser (yea, right...LOL) time flys :) Mom told me when we get older time does seem to fly by, and she's right.

Christmas may be sneeking up on me, but I'm ready this year. The kids and I had a good time setting up our Christmas tree tonight, and I can honestly say over 50% of my Christmas shopping is done and has arrived to my front door on time. In fact, I done all my shopping at this year (over $500 worth). They should really love me right now :)

I still have a few more things to get for my kids, but for the most part I'm done. I wanted to get the kids some clothes this year, so I decided to shop locally for those. I think it would be best in case I have to make exchanges for bigger sizes (kids grow fast). I didn't want to do this on the Internet, because to make those exchanges I would be stuck with paying return shipping fees, so I figured the best option for the clothing department would be shopping at a local department store.

Change of subject: I said a while back ago that my husband and I were going to put a hold on our house shopping adventure until fall, because those double wides were pretty durn hot in the summer months. Now that fall has arrived and winter is almost here, we stopped by Clayton Mobile Homes in Marion, Illinois today. I must say, the homes were much cooler during this season. I can handle cool homes better than I can hot ones. Plus, my asthma treats me better when it isn't as hot inside :)

The homes we looked at today were higher in price than previous ones we viewed. They had one 4 bedroom and 3 bath home priced at a little over $70,000. The salesman told us it was a bargain because it was a return. He said because it was a return it would be sold as is. This meant we would be responsible for the delivery and set-up. Needlesstosay, from the previous homes we viewed, this was NOT a bargin. One, I found a really nice one I LOVED, and the price on it was about $4,000 more than the one I just mention. That price included deliver and set-up, plus a warranty. Two, the home I LOVED was in much better condition that the home sold "as is." The "as is" home needed some repairs and had a broken window. My husband said we'd be better off -- if we went that route -- to pay the extra $4,000 for the nicer home, and it included delivery and set-up. I have to agree with him on that one... boy, I thought I'd never say that ;)

Other than the "as is" home, their other double wides were much higher in price than previous ones we had viewed, and the homes were pretty much the same. So I know we won't be buying a double wide from the place we stopped at today.

Well, that will do it for my weekend chit chat. Until next time, take care and God bless you and yours!

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  • alicia 6:53 AM CST

    I started out pretty gung-ho (sp?) this Christmas - I decorate early, haha, so my tree has been up since the first week of December. Most of my shopping has been done since before Thanksgiving (online, like you), but I hit a rut somewhere along the way. I still have...four (I think) people to buy for, and I can't think of ANYTHING.

    Good luck with the house hunting!