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Third Day Writing for Soaps

October 5, 2006 0 comments

Yesterday was my third day writing for Soaps, and I believe I am finally learning the system. Hooray!
I had to ask for help one time because I couldn't recall how to post the title picture, and the editor refreshed my memory. Now, when I go to post the update for this afternoon's show I'm almost certain I'll be able to do it all on my own... I'll be sure to keep you updated :)

Since I'm on the subject, did you catch yesterday's episode of "As the World Turns?" If you didn't then you missed Lily's ghostly visit from Rose. The ghostly visit wasn't the only excitement, though. It got really interesting when Lily's memory started to come back. Here's a quick excerpt of my update from Soaps...

Lily continues to remember things. She remembers her and Luke were angry with one another, but she can't remember why. She has a flashback, a flashback of when she fell down the stairs.

"I remember everything," Lily tells Luke.

Luke swallows hard and takes a deep breath.

Miss the show? Would you like to know what's going to happen this afternoon on "As the World Turns?" Want to read the rest of the update? Head over to Soaps and you can catch the update, a small spoiler and more.

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