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Raving About Book Sales

February 28, 2006 0 comments

I was jumping up and down yesterday when I surfed over to I check my sales rankings at Amazon often, and I also participate in Amazon Connect, and will be doing the guide soon too. Anyway, while checking the sales ranking on my book I realized I made some sales. Now I'm not 100% certain how to read the sales ranking, but I do know the lower the number the better. Yesterday my sales ranking for On the Net Resource Guide for Writers was at 301,172. I know this means sales, and I know the number is good for me since a month ago my sales ranking was somewhere around two million. I'm not only excited about the sales, but I'm also excited that my marketing efforts, and the time I've put into marketing both my books are paying off.

On another note, because I've made more sales with this book it gives me a nudge to work quicker on the update. Trust me, I am working on the 2006 edition, it just takes time to go through all the resources to make sure they're still active, and I'm also weeding out resources that have been reported for scamming writers. I know the 2002 edition can still be helpful, but it does contain some Web sites that are no longer available (publishers, editors and etc.. do go out of business and sometimes change their Web site addresses), and also contains publishers that have been reported for scamming (Publish America being one of them). Other than that, the 2002 edition is still a helpful tool for writers, and if writers research the markets before submitting or signing with them they should be okay.

If you're one of those writers who purchased a copy of On the Net Resource Guide for Writers I'd like to say thank you. In addition, if you find a Web site in the book that is no longer available, let me know which company it is for and I'll get back with you to let you know if they've updated their Web site address, or if they've just folded (gone out of business). I also invite you to let me know if the book was of help to you -- you can contact me personally, or you can leave a short review at Amazon.

Before I go I'd like to remind you that spring isn't far away. Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of rain in the air, and the smell of the flowers blooming. You know, spring makes a wonderful time of year to get married too. If you're planning a spring wedding don't forget about wedding favors -- you'll be needing them. Of course you'll want cheap wedding favors in order to save money.

I've got to go now, I have more writing to do. Always remember, never give up on your dreams -- work toward them.

Misti Sandefur, Author/Freelancer

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